Benefits of Belonging

  • Increase your sales
  • Increase your referrals
  • Increase your lead list
  • Internet exposure
  • Business networking
  • Business sounding board
  • Learn from presentations, think thanks and networking
  • Find business resources and suppliers

At each meeting, group members will be given the opportunity to present their business in a one-minute infomercial.  We also afford group members a ten-minute presentation opportunity on a rotating schedule.  Use the 10 minute presentation to highlight your business to the other members by:

  • Doing a sales pitch
  • Educate us on your business category
  • Share some business building information that you have learned
  • Tell us more about who you are so we like you even better
  • Practice the start of a presentation and get immediate feedback

You are always welcome to visit any of the other numerous chapters to generate awareness and new business opportunities for yourself!  Each chapter is unique in their own way.  Visit one of the other friendly chapter meetings and/or special events to see how you can grow your business to the next level.  If you just show up, you will be given the chance to do your 1 minute business introduction.  If you would like to do the business highlight (10 minutes), then please call ahead and ask to be included in the schedule.

Milton Business Connections New Member Package is designed to acquaint you with the group and provide you with information about twice monthly meeting conduct and best practices.  The information contained in this package applies to all members of Milton Business Connections.

You are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the provisions of this package.  Our objective is to provide you with a networking environment that is constructive to both personal and professional growth.


Although our group is exclusive, you are encouraged to join a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade but not another networking group.


Milton Business Connections meets twice monthly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  All meetings will commence at 7:00pm sharp.  There is a yearly membership fee of $100 (no tax) and  a $10 Meeting Fee for which you will be provided a receipt that cover the cost of food.  Unlike other networking group, the fees collected stay within the group and we decide as a group how the money is used (ie – charity sponsorship, fundraisers, advertising, Christmas party, etc).

Online Presence

All active memberships include a listing on the MiltonBizConnex website.


Even though membership is limited to one person per business category and one business per membership, all guests are welcome.    Guests whose business category is already full will not be able to join.  Guests who cannot join are welcome to visit once every 3 or 4 months and attend any special events.  Guests will receive their first meeting on us!  Members are requested to contact the Guest Ambassador in advance to notify of the meeting date which the guest is attending – please contact Carol Duvall at or (416) 857-3749.  Be sure to remind guests to bring business cards and flyers and be ready to introduce their business in a one-minute speech.

Guests may attend a maximum of three (3) meetings prior to becoming a member.  This affords the guest opportunity to evaluate other group members and their services/businesses as well as the feasibility of how the potential new member’s services fit in with the group’s networking dynamics.

Guests will be given an application form to complete at their first meeting.  The application assists with ensuring the group doesn’t have business services from the same sector or similar industry to avoid any conflict of interest or business leads being shared.  The group will review applications and new members will be voted on as a team.  Should the group receive multiple applications from the same position; a mini-committee will be comprised of members from those businesses that would most use the services of the prospective member.

The Guest Ambassador will greet the guest upon arrival to the meeting and assist with familiarizing them with the meeting format.

There can only be one member per “category”.

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